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The cheapest drink to cure any illness and diseases

March 2, 2015 in Ganoderma Side Effects AMAZING FIBROMYALGIA TESTIMONY. My husband Charles started going to the doctor in 1993 with pain all over his body, having…

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10 Fake Medical ‘Facts’

August 21, 2012 in Ganoderma coffee benefits

Presenting 10 ‘facts’ you won’t be taught in medical school. Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: Twitter: Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @

NEW Coffee Opportunity! Join SereniGy Today!

August 20, 2012 in Ganoderma coffee benefits

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Parasites (zapper: easy solution for good health)

August 20, 2012 in Ganoderma coffee benefits

Parasites are one of the most misdiagnosed health issues. If you suspect you have them, I highly recommend a low level frequency parasite zapper. Zappers available here: at a discount. Here’s a list of symptoms taken from – Symptoms of Parasite Infection • Repeated diarrhea or constipation • Chronic, unexplained nausea, often accompanied by vomiting • Fatigue and weakness • Intestinal cramping • Unexplained dizziness • Foul-smelling gas • Indigestion • Bloating • Multiple food allergies • Loss of appetite • Itching around the anus, especially at night • Difficulty sleeping • Difficulty maintaining a healthy weight (over or underweight) • Itching on the soles of the feet, often accompanied by a rash • Coughing blood (severe cases) • Palpitations (Hookworms) • Anemia • Facial swelling around the eyes (roundworms) • Wheezing and coughing, followed by vomiting, stomach pain and bloating (suggesting roundworms or threadworms) Here’s another list of many possible symptoms I copied from …. Symptoms of Parasites: The word parasite comes from Greek meaning “one who eats off the table of another.” Parasites eat and live off the food we consume, even our health supplements. They leave us the scraps. They often make us feel that we are not getting the nutrition from our food or that SOMETHING IS MISSING. INABILITY TO GAIN OR LOSE WEIGHT CHRONIC CANDIDA YEAST INFECTIONS CHRONIC SINUS OR EAR INFECTIONS URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS ITCHY

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August 18, 2012 in Ganoderma coffee benefits

Are you a coffee lover? Do you know someone who is? what if I told you that we have the best tasting and healthiest coffee on the market, its the ONLY coffee that Truthfully has 100% Certified Ganoderma mushroom, just incase here’s proof of SereniGy’s: Ganoderma has so many benefits, its lowers blood pressure, fight the #1 killer in america “Heart Disease”, relieves inflammation, maximizes oxygen in your cells, detoxing, list goes on and on, just google Ganoderma and you will see I’m telling you the truth. Heres just one link showing you some research Thanks to Dr. Bartell in SereniGy our ganoderma is in the smallest molecule it can be which is “NANO” so that way your body is getting the Nutrients faster into the body with out wasting any of it. We only use the top of the line 100% Ganoderma in our coffee, and will beat anybody’s coffee in nutrition Guaranteed. 9 out of 10 people choose our coffee in taste test. People are already addicted to coffee so why not put the Health and medical benefits of Ganoderma into a great tasting coffee that people will love! Its Genius even doctors prescribe it to patients, Yes! its that good! Why else would the chinese call it the “KING OF HERBS”. If you would like to try a sample of this coffee email me the kind you want to sample(black, latte, mocha,chai tea) and/or if you would like to purchase the coffee/tea’s or any of our 100% Ganoderma products go here: I know

Diabetes Type 1 Cure & Coffee May Be Good For Men’s Prostate

August 13, 2012 in Ganoderma coffee benefits

Body’s Own Stem Cells To Fight Diabetes Type 1 Doctors believe they are getting closer to a cure that could dramatically change the lives of people with Type I Diabetes. In patients with Type I Diabetes the body thinks the pancreas is a foreign invader, so it starts to destroy the organ’s islet cells. Those are the cells that produce insulin. Now researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center are trying to create islets from adult stem cells so that they can be transplanted back into the patient, eliminating the need for constant blood sugar monitoring and insulin injections. “The crux of this research is to change the whole paradigm,” says Georgetown’s Dr. Stephen Clement. “So instead of giving shots in response to what the person needs, to basically develop cells that can make insulin again that are autologous, which means we actually start with cells from a person’s own body.” Scientists have transplanted islets from one person to another in the past, but patients were required to be on strong anti-rejection medications and that can take more of a toll on the body than the diabetes itself. Clement says creating islets from a person’s own stem cells would prevent the need for that kind of medication. “The next step is to have to grow a lot of islets, a half billion to cure diabetes in a human,” he says. Doctors are now figuring out the best way to grow the new cells. They would then try to implant them in animals and if that goes well, they’ll be used on humans

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